Home Truths #3

Here’s this month’s Home Truths column in the Japan Times, about UR housing. The article is mainly a how-to piece and doesn’t really get into the details of what the buildings and apartments themselves are like. We’ve written about UR a lot in this blog, as well as in our sister blog Yen for Living, since we’ve been living in UR units since 2000. Below are links to some of these posts that provide more specific information.

Security deposits / Tour of Nouvelle Akabanedai / Amenities / Tour of UR Ogikubo / Matsudo public housing / Japanese needed? / Low-income housing / Tour of Heart Island Shinden / ‘kudokushi’ savings / Tour of East Core Hikifune


  1. Keith · September 18, 2011

    One subject that you might like to cover is how
    to pursue probable fraud. I know of one danchi
    where they just rammed through a proposal to
    spend 20Myen on several “NMR Pipetector”s.
    These claim to use “NMR principles” as well as
    “microwave” to transform red pipe rust into
    black pipe rust and “make pipes last up to
    40 years longer”. These “NMR Pipetector”
    clamp on the outside of steel pipes and
    they require no power!

    An NMR or microwave device (NMR is quite
    different from microwave) that requires
    no power sounds a bit like a car that
    requires neither gasoline nor electricity.
    Also, any reasonably knowledgeable person
    should know that microwaves and NMR fields
    cannot penetrate steel pipes and “transform”
    the tap water in the pipe into a magical
    liquid that stops corrosion and kills bacteria.

    The web site of the company that makes this
    magical device looks like it was constructed
    by an amateur on almost zero budget. The
    device is supposed to be patented in several
    countries including America, but is not sold
    in America (maybe punative damages could be
    extremely expensive). They even claim that
    it’s used in Buckingham Palace!

    After some discussion, only 30 out of the
    90 people present at the meeting voted for
    spending 20Myen on this, but there were
    about 70 absentee votes that the current
    president used to ram it through.


    • catforehead · September 18, 2011

      I’ve often seen ads for those devices on the Hibiya subway line (complete with the reference to Buckingham Palace) and never understood what they were talking about. Thanks for clearing that up.


    • Mike · November 27, 2011

      Had arrived at the conclusion that it was a scam couple of years ago when it was presented to our owners. Fortunately funds were not readily available and as a result of some pressure applied to the num-nut promoting it, we avoided the mistake. Don’t understand the technology, but I presume you’re not meant to.


  2. QueenBee Hall · April 2, 2015

    Got a question. It’s about keeping pets such as rabbits in a danchi. Is there a way to get permission to keep one?


  3. ian · January 12, 2017

    Still working my way slowly through your excellent blog! Just wanted to leave a note this time and let you know your article link isn’t working.


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