More hot stats

After the jump, the results of a recent Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare survey about household income.-Average household income in 2007: ¥5.56 million
-Highest average household income on record: ¥6.64 million (1994)
-Number of households as of June 2008: 48 million
-Number of members per household: 2.63 (lowest on record)
-Number of households consisting of only elderly (over 65) or of only elderly and minors under the age of 18: 9.25 million (highest on record)
-Portion of households whose income in less than the average: 60%
-Average income of households with children: ¥6.91 million
-Average income of households whose members are over 65: ¥2.98 million
-Portion of over-65 households whose income is derived from only national pensions or veterans pensions: 60%
-Portion of all households who say that “getting by is difficult”: 57.2%
-Portion of all households with children who say that “getting by is difficult”: 62.1%

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