Plastic bathroom

The shower isn’t so appealing either

Plastic “unit” bathrooms are very discouraging places to take baths, although taking a bath is the way most Japanese relieve stress at the tend of the day.  I grew up in a poor environment with a single mother.  Living in a tiny 10-square-meter apartment without a kitchen, a bathroom, or a toilet.  We went to the public bath once a week.  Rental apartments did not usually come with bathtubs until around the 70s.  I now live in an 80-square-meter apartment  with its own bathtub, but a plastic bathroom without a window does not inspire me to take a bath.  The plastic is widely common in present Japanese homes for common people.  It’s not expensive, it’s easy to install, and even easier to maintain.  But it has no taste.  Plastic bathrooms are found in many hotels with less than two stars, but sometimes you can find them even in three-star hotels. -M

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